Getting it all together



I’m going to be completely honest here, I’m super new to blogging and maintaining a website. In the process of trying to get things together and ready for the website I realized I needed content to put on the site. Not only photos in my portfolios but something to go along with the blog post. I began going through all of the photos on my portable hard drive…and WOW!

I have so many photos over a range of different genres and from personal to professional. So Nicole what are you getting at?

LETS GET ORGANIZED PEOPLE! If you’re going to take photography serious and you want to display your work for other’s to see you want to know where your best work is. You can organize it in whatever way works best for you. I know for many of you it may take more than just a quick hour sit down but once you’re done you’ll feel so much better. You’ll be able to grab your images quicker and everything is better when you’re organized.

That’s it for today. Snap y’all later!