Batter Up!

If you couldn’t tell already I love taking pictures. I have never shy away from taking any type of picture. With this said I will say I’m not the best sports photographer but I love to strengthen my craft.

I was finally able to catch a little league baseball game for my nephew. When I first scheduled to go (because with the crazy hectic schedule I have, scheduling is the biggest thing for me) I was just going to go and enjoy the game but I couldn’t see myself enjoying the game knowing that I didn’t take my camera and trying to get an amazing or memorable image. So with camera in hand I made my way to the game.

Emotions were super high but the boys were excited and ready to go. The major take away from these images is the sheer passion in their faces when they were up to bat. These boys were excited, focused and ready to give it their all. The coaches were in the game just as much as the players. They were giving pointers, directing and cheering them on.

Shooting wise I thought I wouldn’t be prepared because the gear I have isn’t really the best for sports photography but I have learned that getting the best image isn’t only about the gear but about the person behind the camera.

Take a look at these images and let me know what you think.

See ya!