Batter Up!

If you couldn’t tell already I love taking pictures. I have never shy away from taking any type of picture. With this said I will say I’m not the best sports photographer but I love to strengthen my craft.

I was finally able to catch a little league baseball game for my nephew. When I first scheduled to go (because with the crazy hectic schedule I have, scheduling is the biggest thing for me) I was just going to go and enjoy the game but I couldn’t see myself enjoying the game knowing that I didn’t take my camera and trying to get an amazing or memorable image. So with camera in hand I made my way to the game.

Emotions were super high but the boys were excited and ready to go. The major take away from these images is the sheer passion in their faces when they were up to bat. These boys were excited, focused and ready to give it their all. The coaches were in the game just as much as the players. They were giving pointers, directing and cheering them on.

Shooting wise I thought I wouldn’t be prepared because the gear I have isn’t really the best for sports photography but I have learned that getting the best image isn’t only about the gear but about the person behind the camera.

Take a look at these images and let me know what you think.

See ya!

Creative Jam


Yesterday I had the great opportunity to witness creative minds at work. A friend had shared on her Facebook page an event called Creative Jam. Being a (self-proclaimed) creative person this caught my attention. I took a glance at the specifics of the event and thought it was worth checking out. So I quickly signed up and boy can I say I was not disappointed.

About the event…

This event was put on by Adobe Creative Cloud. If you’re not familiar with what Adobe Creative Cloud is or what it has to offer then check out their YouTube page at (definitely worth having). There were three main features. The first was the creative design competition. About 10-12 designers are given a theme and 3 hours to create an advertisement using the Adobe CC system and their own unique style. The second main feature were the amazing speakers; Rony Tako, Jesst Nite and Andrew Antonaccio. The discussed their style, their challenges and answered some Q&A. The third feature was the award given to the winner of the design competition. Oh and as an added bonus they gave two free tickets for food and drinks (the served TACOS!!!!).

The nitty gritty…

The event took place at The Moore Building in Miami Design District. This building is a work of art in and of itself, created in 1921. In the very center of the inside of the building was this beautiful installation called “Elastika” created by Iraqi-born London based architect Zaha Hadid.

When you walk into the building the first thing you notice, besides the amazing piece by Zaha,  is the very diverse group of people in attendance. All ages were there, different fashion styles and all sorts of facial hair concepts from the handlebar mustache to the full grown lumberjack beard.

On the first floor you had the main event stage, which was located in front of the open staircase with rows of chairs facing the. To the left of the seating area was the bar and to the right you had three different table setups. The first table against the wall was the table for DoolersAnonymous. Directly behind this table, mounted on the wall, were numerous print outs from the latest Doodlers Anonymous coloring book. Doolers Anonymous was created by OKAT (Rony Tako) check out their website, The second table was dedicated to those who chose an image from the wall and wanted to show their creativity. The second floor was a whole other beast.

As you made your way from the center of the room on the first floor toward the back of the room you see a wide open black staircase leading to the other floors. On the second level directly to your left were six tables with two people per table, these were the designers. You quickly noticed how extremely focused they were in completing the task given to them. Some were hand sketching designs, others uploading photos they had taken that day and manipulating them in Photoshop. These artists were using the skills that they have cultivated over time to create their vision for the theme ‘From Miami with love.’ Surrounding them were on lookers, admirers and friends witnessing the creative mind at work. As I walked around the room I noticed a group of girls off in the corner. These girls were also a part of the design competition. You could see the sheer dedication and passion in there body language.

Around 8pm they started presenting the night’s speakers. Each speaker had some great points to make like Rony Tako who made it very clear that you didn’t have to always be handed an opportunity but you have to create one from what you have. Also Jessy Nite who presented us with how simple and easy design can be to how extremely complex and intricate things can get.

At 9 o’clock they began to present the finished designs, which were great! The winners for the night were StudioUni (check out their site at with their design called “Dale,” a Waze type app for bicycles.

Overall the event was great, some super information, inspiration and world of creativity. I’m definitely looking forward to Adobe CC hosting more events like this in the Miami/South Florida area in the future. Stay connected for more info about the designers, their work and some Q&A.

Snap y’all later

Getting it all together



I’m going to be completely honest here, I’m super new to blogging and maintaining a website. In the process of trying to get things together and ready for the website I realized I needed content to put on the site. Not only photos in my portfolios but something to go along with the blog post. I began going through all of the photos on my portable hard drive…and WOW!

I have so many photos over a range of different genres and from personal to professional. So Nicole what are you getting at?

LETS GET ORGANIZED PEOPLE! If you’re going to take photography serious and you want to display your work for other’s to see you want to know where your best work is. You can organize it in whatever way works best for you. I know for many of you it may take more than just a quick hour sit down but once you’re done you’ll feel so much better. You’ll be able to grab your images quicker and everything is better when you’re organized.

That’s it for today. Snap y’all later!

Where it all begins


This seems a bit cliché but for me I believe it’s a great place to start…right at the beginning. No I’m not going to go back to my birth and all of that jazz, though it’s a great story. No, I’m going to dive into my love for being behind the camera and the magic that is photography for me.

 Happy girl back in 2012

Happy girl back in 2012

So the picture you see is the first day I was given a DSLR camera (granted my father said it was for us to ‘share’ but we know it was for me). For years I have loved taking photos. Every family event usually ended with me taking at least 300 pictures of intimate moments, candid shots and even shots of a greatly decorated table. As the years went on I started looking into getting a better camera, rather than the point and shoot cameras I had, and also really trying to get into photography and understanding its background. With so many different models from Canon and Nikon and Sony and the list goes on, it was hard for me to make a decision. Plus there was the idea of, ‘Do I really want to spend this much money on a camera that may not even be that good.’ Over the years I’ve learned that it’s not only about the gear you have but more about the operator.



Ok, this I’m not so proud of. This photo is one of the first photos I had taken with my new Nikon D7000. Around this time I still was new to the real world of photography. I knew there were different manufacturers but I didn’t know the best type, I didn’t understand full fame versus crop sensors (not to say I’m an expert now or anything), I definitely didn’t understand the difference between shooting in manual mode versus automatic, then you throw in Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, I was lost! So I started taking this online photography course which helped a lot I believe but this picture really didn’t do any justice to what I learned.

As time went on and I began practicing more and watching more tutorials online (many of them free on YouTube) I started to get better and understanding what it takes to create a great picture. There is a reason I wrote ‘create’ instead of ‘take’ a great picture. I believe anyone can take a picture but it is something completely different to create an image (but I’ll explain that in another post).

I hope you enjoyed my tiny rant. For my first blog I don’t think it was too bad. But hey what do I know I wrote the thing.

Snap y’all later!